For over 20 years, the Balestra family has owned a ski storage service in the Piazzale Cabinovia (the gondola square) in Pecol, one of the main starting points for skiing in the Civetta ski resort, with its 80 km of perfectly groomed slopes, all in the heart of the Dolomites of Belluno.

A new facility that can accommodate up to 612 people was built in 2006. The lockers are for 2 or 4 people and at night will dry and sanitize boots and helmets, to give you a perfect start each morning!

The lockers open with a magnetic key card for which we request a deposit of € 5, refunded on return. However, if you have a Seasonal Pass or the Dolomiti Ski card, these can be activated to function in the same way.

The lockers are located in a large and comfortable heated space with restrooms and comfortable benches for changing. The ski room is open between 7:30 and 23:15, but if office is closed, please contact the rental service next door.



Piazzale Cabinovia
I-32012 Pecol di Zoldo (BL)

tel: 0437 789146
fax: 0437 788847
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